DayZ Helper

NL (Dutch)
DayZ Helper helps you to manage your inventory and contains a map.

How to use

The map:
You can you pinch-to-zoom.
Use your finger to move (pan) the map.
The map comes from:

The Inventory:
You can press on the image of an item to see more information. Most weapons include information on how rare it is. You can also press a button go to the wiki-page of the item. Very useful if the information you are looking for is not available in the app. Beneth the image are Plus and Minus buttons. You can set the numer of times you have this item in your inventory in the game. You have to keep track yourself, this app does Not sync with the game!

How to mod

The information is save in a json-file on the sdcard. json is a computer-language used to describe objects in a way computers can read, but it is also readable by humans. More information about json on wikipedia:

The file can be found in:
Copy this file from your device to your computer, edit it, and place it back. Make sure the application is not opend while you place the file back. Also make sure the filename is not changed, or the app will not be able to read it. Do not make mistakes in the file, or the application will crash! To check for errors: paste the text from the file on: If there are no errors, the website will say: 'Valid JSON'.

place image-files in the same folder as the json-file (/sdcard/Android/data/nl.frankkie.dayz/files/). The filenames are irrelevent. The images must have a size of: 256x256 pixels. This is importent, else the app will display the images wrong. Both png and jpg files are supported. The items:
a normal item looks like this:

        "cat": "Medical",
        "class": "nl.frankkie.dayz.DayZItem",
        "id": 0,
        "image": "Item_Bandage.png",
        "isFavo": false,
        "itemType": "item",
        "locations": [

        "magInfo": null,
        "name": "Bandage",
        "number": 1,
        "rarity": "",
        "url": "",
        "weaponInfo": null
A weapon looks like this:

        "cat": "Weapon",
        "class": "nl.frankkie.dayz.DayZItem",
        "id": 18,
        "image": "Weapon_Revolver.png",
        "isFavo": false,
        "itemType": "item",
        "locations": [
        "magInfo": null,
        "name": "Revolver",
        "number": 0,
        "rarity": "Common",
        "url": "",
        "weaponInfo": {
            "attachments": [

            "class": "nl.frankkie.dayz.DayZWeapon",
            "damage": 1389,
            "effectiveRange": 100,
            "fireModes": [
            "fireRate": "",
            "mags": [

            "noise": "Moderate",
            "recoil": "High",
            "shotsToKill": "body:3, head:1",
            "weaponType": "Sidearms",
            "zeroing": "No"
Good luck !


The images and information come from:

The maps is from:

The application uses FlexJson to read the json-file, see:

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